School Uniform


Keithcot Farm School Uniform Policy

The Keithcot Farm School Governing Council strongly supports the wearing of a clearly identifiable school uniform and all students are expected to wear the Uniform.

We believe that the wearing of our school uniform:

  • promotes pride in our school
  • enhances our public image
  • encourages appropriate clothing for activities
  • helps to reduce peer pressure
  • provides additional safety in the school yard.

Uniform Shop

Our uniform provider is Devon Clothing, they are located at Clovercrest Plaza Shopping Centre, Shop 24, 429 Montague Road, Modbury.

Phone: 8350 7930                                               Email:

Opening Hours are:

  • Mon - Fri  9am - 5pm
  • Saturday 10am - 1pm
  • Sunday & Public Holidays - Closed



The principal may exempt students from wearing school uniform upon written request from parents. Grounds for exemption are:

  • Religious  /cultural
  • Medical
  • New / itinerant students
  • Financial hardship

Make up / Jewellery

No makeup or coloured nail polish is allowed. As the excessive wearing of jewellery can become a safety issue, jewellery is limited to:

  • Sleepers or studs only
  • Watch
  • Other jewellery unless for medical or cultural reasons only, a written note is required.


Hats are required to be worn at all times when outdoors from 1st September to 30th April and when the U.V factor is 3 or over at all other times. Only school hats can be worn.


Shoes must be appropriate to allow students to actively and safely participate in all aspects of school. Closed toe shoes such as runners or sandals are preferred. Students are not permitted to wear thongs, crocs and dress shoes.


Socks should be dark blue, black or white. Stockings should be dark blue or black.

Hair accessories

All hair ties, ribbons and bands should be in school colours of dark blue, yellow or white.

Lost property

All uniform items must be clearly labelled with the child’s full name. Labelled uniform items will be returned to classrooms. Any unlabelled items will be stored at the office until the end of each term. Unclaimed items will be sold as second hand uniforms.

Polo Tops & Jackets & Jumper

Reception – Year 5                      Year 5 & 6 Polo                        Reception – Year 6


Reception - Year 6 Jumper

  • Dark blue plain long sleeve tops may be worn under the polo top.


Shorts                                         Skorts (discontinued - can be purchased from the school, not Devon)





Dress (discontinued - can be purchased from the school, not Devon)