This year your child will learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). This has been identified as a DECD a priority to enrich your child’s learning in the areas of Science, Mathematics by using a range of Technologies and creating a variety of engineering prototypes. Students in the class will be challenged and engaged to develop Critical Thinking skills to becoming real-world problem solvers. Students will use their prior knowledge of the curriculum subjects and apply their skills in innovative ways using collaboration, problem-solving and interdisciplinary thinking.

The strategy has 3 main areas of action:

> Build expertise in STEM learning across all years of public education

> Engage students at all year levels in STEM education

> Develop systemic excellence in STEM education.


The STEM approach to teaching and learning gives students the opportunity to work on challenging problems and projects through hands-on practical activities that help learners:

> Experiment  

> Use various technologies

> Test ideas

> Make and create innovative solutions to real, complex problems through the Engineering Design Process.